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The Sisters of the Holy Cross Charitable Trust is a charity registered in England and Wales, No. 238426. In January 2017 it became a grant-making trust for the first time.

The trustees will consider applications that accord with the charism and guiding principles of the Congregation, as explained in the General Eligibility / Purpose sections below.

General Eligibility

  • Grants may be requested by UK-based organisations delivering projects within the UK.
  • Applications must demonstrate sponsorship by, and ongoing support from, a Roman Catholic / other Christian organisation or individual.
  • Preference will be given to projects which benefit people / communities in the Roman Catholic dioceses of Northampton, Southwark, Westminster and Brentwood.
  • Grants may be requested for both capital and revenue costs, such as (this list is not exhaustive): purchase of equipment and consumables; operational / running costs; hire of premises and facilities; staff salaries and other core costs; construction / alteration / repair of buildings.


  • Projects must support one or both of the following categories: (a) children and young people, up to and including age 25; (b) the disadvantaged, marginalised and vulnerable in society (not age-dependent).
  • Projects must aim to deliver one or both of the following purposes: (a) opportunities / support for holistic education, training and/or personal development; (b) opportunities / support for those on a journey of Christian faith.
  • Grants requested for humanitarian purposes may benefit people of all faiths, or no faith. Grants requested for faith purposes must benefit people of the Roman Catholic or other Christian faith.

Type and Size of Grants

  • Grants may be requested up to the following amounts (including VAT where appropriate):

One-off grant /
project setting-up costs
Up to £25K May include both capital and revenue costs to a combined maximum of £25K
(but see limitation for building works, below)
Operating costs
(1 year only)
Up to £25K Re-application may be made for subsequent years but success is not guaranteed
Salaries / capitation costs
(maximum 2 years)
Up to £25K p.a. The maximum grant will be 75% of capitation (salary / employer’s NI / employer’s pension contribution) for 2 years. The trustees reserve the right to withdraw funding for Year 2 if the project is failing or its purpose has changed
Building works
(applies to projects involving construction / alteration / repair of buildings and real estate)
Up to £15K The applicant will be expected to contribute (or find from another funding source) at least 25% of total costs

Applications in excess of these limits may be considered on an exceptional basis.

How to Apply

Applicants are invited to submit an Initial Proposal form (download from the link below) for assessment by the Grants Administrator, who will confirm whether or not a project will qualify for consideration by the trustees. (If it does not qualify, at least you will not have spent time and effort completing a full application.)

Initial Proposal - Eligibility Check (PDF) Initial Proposal - Eligibility Check (PDF) (218 KB)

Initial Proposal - Eligibility Check (Word) Initial Proposal - Eligibility Check (Word) (177 KB)

Once eligibility has been confirmed, applicants will be sent – either by email or in hard copy – an Application Form and Notes for Guidance for completion. The Grants Administrator will advise the date by which the application form should be submitted, plus the likely timescale within which it will be considered by the trustees.

Applications can be submitted at any time; they will be considered by the trustees at quarterly meetings.

Your applications are welcomed! Contact the Grants Administrator if you need  further advice.

Mrs Karen Macaulay
Grants Administrator, Sisters of the Holy Cross Charitable Trust
Grange Rd, Chalfont St. Peter, Buckinghamshire, SL9 9AH
Tel: 01753 481528    Email: grants@hcengland.co.uk

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